I’ve had the pleasure of receiving treatments from both Patricia and Kimen at their clinic.

My session with Patricia was an amazing energetic uplift and her cupping skills relieved so much pain from my lower back, I felt results instantaneously. As for Kimen, his massage was a perfect balance of pressure and technique that created a sense of ease and lightness in my body which lasted for days post treatment. I am very active and have ongoing issues in my body so it is such great comfort and luck for me to know and have a one stop shop for both my physical and subtle body. These two practitioners are highly skilled, thorough and caring and their clinic is a gift to Vancouver.

Coco F.

Patricia has been an invaluable asset to my health care plan! I first sought her out to help with my Endometriosis, hormone balancing and stress reduction. I had struggled with my Endo for over a decade and had seen little relief with any other practitioners. Not only did I see huge improvements within months but I was able to achieve pregnancy! She helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy to term and I birthed a beautiful healthy baby. Her skill set also included help with birth preparation and breastfeeding both of which were very useful for me. She continues to provide me with excellent postpartum care and I feel my quick bounce back is owed a lot to her.

Patricia is a respectful and empathetic practitioner who is down to earth and approachable. She is knowledgeable and professional with a wonderful sense of humour. I always leave my treatments feeling lifted and cared for. I would highly recommend seeing her, especially to anyone who is struggling with hormone issues or fertility. She is the best I’ve ever met and I don’t know what I would do without her!

Tasha H.

I have been seeing Patricia for about 5 years now and she is amazing! Her treatments on me are very effective that even my spouse was pleasantly shocked. She comes across to me as a wonderful and honest person. My body really responds positively to her acupuncture and cupping treatments. She also uses thinner and high quality needles in her treatments. You can expect not just any standard acupuncture treatment but she also does a brief massage of your feet, head and ears. While you are there, she offers a very patient and impartial ear to anything you want to share with her in your healing process. I highly recommend Patricia!

Monica L.

I have had the good fortune of receiving massage therapy from Kimen during and after both of my pregnancies. I was immediately impressed with his compassionate nature, professionalism and expertise. Pregnancy and post partum are especially sensitive stages of a woman’s life, as the body goes through immense physical and hormonal changes. My first birthing experience was traumatic and Kimen’s treatments helped me to recover more quickly and effectively, which for a new mum, is invaluable.

From the moment I arrive in Kimen’s presence, I feel genuinely cared for, which allows me to relax and begin to release tension, even before the message begins. He starts each session, asking me questions to carefully assess my current needs. Skillfully applying a variety of techniques, while checking-in along the way and adjusting according to my responses, Kimen creates the optimal healing experience. I leave every treatment feeling more relaxed, pain-free, refreshed and happy…it doesn’t get better than that! He also gave me customized exercises between sessions to prepare my body before birth and realign it after birth. The results were amazing. Even my husband and a friend started receiving treatments from Kimen and rave about him.

I believe that a holistic approach to healing is needed for true well being. Kimen has an innate ability for integrating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of healing. I have invested in and received countless body work treatments from many professionals over the years. I highly recommend Kimen’s RMT services to pregnant women, people with specific injuries and anyone seeking to improve their overall well being.

Kimen, I am immeasurably grateful to you for your care and service. You have a gift that will benefit so many lucky people.

S. Hunt

Patricia has such a natural and gentle healing energy in personality and in treatment.  As a fellow TCM practitioner and good friend, I never hesitate to personally book an appointment with her or refer clients to her.  Always learning, always professional, always positive, Patricia is truly a well-rounded, amazing Acupuncturist.

Dr. D. Lee

I am absolutely scared of needles – going to get a blood test, shots – anything to do with needles… However, my RMT had referred me to Patricia and asked that I try using acupuncture to accompany my massage therapy, to help relax my muscles and my eczema. Nervous, I booked an appointment and went to see what it was all about. I was very honest with how I feel about the needles and Patricia is very open to hearing to what you have to say and what your needs are – She exceeds expectations. 🙂

Petersen Wellness is a great and welcoming place for beginners to acupuncture and those have been using this method for a long time. I feel relaxed and relieved from any pain or stress I have after every acupuncture session with Patricia!

D. Wong

Under the care of Patricia and Kimen, I have watched my body and overall health improve beyond what I believed was possible. Their support has helped me overcome chronic neck pain, allowed me to manage my eczema naturally and prepared my body for a natural pregnancy, labour and birth. 
I always look forward to my appointments knowing that their approach to healing is an effective and beautiful balance of compassion, skill and professionalism that I’ve experienced positive results from. 
Thank you, Patricia and Kimen!

J. Leung