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Patricia Petersen

Patricia Petersen

R.Ac., Dip. DTCM, B.Comm.

Patricia graduated from the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma program at Vancouver’s International College of TCM in 2009.  Since then she has demonstrated her passion for learning by getting trained in Master Tung style Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy and attending workshops and conferences on a range of health and wellness topics to enrich her practice.

Patricia moved to Vancouver, BC from Singapore in 1993 and went on to study at U Vic.  After graduating with a business degree and spending five years working in banking, she realized she needed a career that would allow her to help people improve their lives. That realization led her to pursue a career as a yoga teacher and head back to school to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

When she’s not working with her clients at Petersen Wellness, Patricia can be found curled up with a good book, taking long walks, hiking and enjoying a cup of Matcha latte.

Kimen Petersen

Kimen Petersen


Kimen graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) with honours in 2013. He also earned the college’s prestigious Heart Award, which is given to students who demonstrate unconditional positive regard for others and a passionate commitment to excel in their profession. Kimen has been teaching at VCMT since 2015.

Kimen’s background included a successful career in construction, building maintenance and operations.

When he is not at the clinic, Kimen can be found walking the seawall, hiking and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Our Values


We assess & treat our clients without judgement.


We are 100% present & available to our clients. 


We put our clients’ health & wellness first.


We understand & support our clients’ health & wellness goals.