Fertility Issues: Is it Possible to Have A Happy Fertility Journey?

Note that I didn’t call it Infertility, I don’t like that word. Why? Because when I see patients, male or female who have been given the diagnosis of “infertility”, they start to believe that they will either never get pregnant or it’s going to be a very long, tough and expensive journey.

Over the years, I have had success helping patients get pregnant. Some call me the baby whisperer, magic worker and while I do love these terms of endearment, I believe that success on your fertility journey can happen with changing your lifestyle, reducing stress and getting regular self-care like acupuncture treatments.

 “Is your lifestyle conducive to having a baby?”

Five Tips for Your Fertility Journey


Endo What?! – Endometriosis in Chinese Medicine

Does any the following sound familiar during your period?

  • Painful cramps
  • Pelvic Pain
  • You crave sugar and/or salt. Where’s the chocolate covered pretzel?
  • You carry around the hot water bottle like it’s your best friend
  • You are so tired you lie in bed all day watching Netflix

Many women suffer from painful periods and sometimes the pain can be so debilitating that they have to take days off work or school.

Many of my patients and friends suffer from painful periods yet they do not openly talk about it or seek help due to the stigma and taboo related to our menstrual cycles.

How well do you know your sister’s period? Do you share your cycle with your girlfriends? Which of your girlfriends have an IUD? Does the Diva Cup work for them?

Endometriosis (more…)

Cupping, why are the Olympians embracing it?


The first time I experienced cupping was when I was in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) School. I became friends with Lily, an exchange student from China and we shared many clinical hours together. One day, she saw me rubbing my shoulders and asked me to get on the table.

I remembered Lily putting cups on my back and I felt a sucking sensation. It was a bit intense for the first 20 seconds as my muscles were very tight but within a few minutes, I felt all the tension on my back melting away. It felt like I was getting a massage.

When she took the cups off, Lily exclaimed “Wow! Your marks are so dark!” I was a runner, had sports injuries and at that time, my diet was not very clean 🙂 (See Color of the marks below)


7 tips to prepare your body for pregnancy


Getting ready for pregnancy is one of the most common conversations I have with my patients. It is an important decision to have a baby and you want to ensure you are creating the best possible environment for your baby.

I often tell patients who are thinking of getting pregnant to give themselves at least 6-12 months to prepare their body for pregnancy.

Why it is important to take care of yourself before pregnancy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, in order to conceive a child, you want your qi, blood, yin and yang to be balanced and harmonized.