Rehabilitation from Injury


I attended a conference on the latest scientific research in the area of manual therapy last weekend and I felt inspired to write about a possible approach to rehabilitation from injury.

This blog incorporates what I have learned in the past and the latest research on the subject. This blog will cover the process and the thought behind the rehabilitation program but not the specific treatment.

Many of these concepts were introduced to me at the workshop “Introduction to Functional Movement Rehabilitation: an Active Approach in Manual Therapy” by Eyal Lederman DO. PhD.  He is the author of NEUROMUSCULAR REHABILITATION IN MANUAL AND PHYSICAL THERAPY.


Bone Broth


To broth or not to broth? That is the question.

I say broth away! 🙂 I love bone broth because they are nourishing, versatile and soothing on a cold day.

When I was at a Chinese medicine herbal store last weekend picking up supplies, the herbalist took one look at me and said “You are working too hard, you need to boost your qi.”

So off I went to our local butcher and picked up some organic bones to make bone broth. I also picked up wood ear, goji berries, black dates and astragulus root from the herbal store. (See below)


Top 5 things treated with Acupuncture

Alternative homöopathische Medizin mit Globuli und Akupunktur

“What can acupuncture treat? I have so many things going on with me, I don’t even know where to start! Do you think you can help me?”

I often get asked that question when I talk to new patients or when I am at networking events.

Acupuncture can treat a wide range of ailments like pain, stress, hormonal issues, arthritis, diabetes and digestive issues.

5 most common conditions I see at my clinic

1) Pain management

Both Kimen (Hubby and RMT) and I suffered from pain for years before we tried acupuncture for relief. (more…)

Diabetes Mellitus


I remembered the first time I learned about diabetes. I was 13 years old. Our next door neighbor had gained a lot of weight and he was in agony when he walked. 6 months later, I noticed the skin around his ankles were black and very swollen.

I asked my mother (who was a nurse) what happened to him and she explained that he was suffering from diabetes and it was so severe the doctors might have to amputate his legs.

What is Diabetes?

World Health Day is on April 7th this year and the focus is on diabetes and its global impact.